Shooting of Ferrari Roma video set to start on streets of Rome

Publication date: 
04 Dec 2019

Maranello, 4 December 2019 – Filming of Maranello’s brand-new coupé, the Ferrari Roma, is about to start on the streets of Rome.

We will be staging our version of the New Dolce Vita in full view of locals and tourists alike: a contemporary take on an unforgettable era which last November also provided the inspiration for the Roma’s World Première at Stadio dei Marmi in the city.

The car will be going to some of Rome’s most iconic locations, including Via dei Coronari this morning. The videos will tell the story of the bond between the new car, which has a stunningly refined, timeless design, and the Capital City, the great symbol of Italian beauty.

The initial filming in Rome will be followed by further shoots in some international cities to which the Prancing Horse will bring the message of the Italian excellence and style for which it has always been such a proud international ambassador.

The videos will be available online at and through Ferrari’s social media channels from the second half of December.