Antitrust Compliance

As established by the Code of Conduct (“Code”), “Ferrari Group recognizes the paramount importance of a competitive market and is committed to fully comply with any antitrust and other pro-competition legislation in force in the countries where it operates” and “compliance with competition laws is crucial to the Ferrari Group’s reputation”.

It is therefore clear that competition, intended as the market environment that encourages businesses to excel in the quality and availability of their products and services, together with compliance with the applicable competition laws (“Antitrust Laws”), forms an integral part of Ferrari’s corporate culture and represents a core value that contributes to guide the Group’s operational and strategic decisions.

In order to strengthen its commitment to a fair and free competition, Ferrari has adopted the Antitrust Compliance Practice (“Practice”), which is inspired by the principles set forth in the Code and establishes the rules of conduct that must be followed, at Group level, to ensure compliance with Antitrust Laws.

In particular the Practice, with reference to some specific areas deemed sensitive or at risk under an antitrust standpoint, defines the guidelines and fundamental principles that all members of Ferrari Workforce must follow, as well as the actions and potential controls that they shall carry out, in order to prevent antitrust offences.