Human Rights

Ferrari believes that a business conduct dedicated to ethics and integrity, built on the dignity of every human being, represents a fundamental value of Ferrari Group and a key driver for the success of its business.

As outlined in the Code of Conduct (“Code”), Ferrari “seek(s) to create an environment that promotes values, adheres to and rewards ethical conduct as practiced by all members of our workforce resulting in a cooperative working environment in which the dignity of each individual is respected”.

In order to reaffirm and renew its commitment to safeguard the fundamental human rights set forth by the laws and regulations of each country where it operates and the recognized international standards (“Human Rights”), Ferrari adopted the Human Rights Practice (“Practice”).

The Practice represents a core part of Ferrari’s mission, culture and heritage and emphasizes the Group commitments to respect, protect and promote Human Rights, in particular: (i) in the workplace, operations and activities; (ii) across the supply chain; (iii) in the interactions with Society and local communities; as well as (iv) in any further context in which Ferrari operates.

Through the Practice, Ferrari intends to provide to all Ferrari Workforce members, as well as to all Ferrari’s Stakeholders, the principles, values and guidelines that must be followed to ensure, in all circumstances, the maximum protection of the Human Rights of all the people directly or indirectly impacted by Ferrari’s operations.