Stakeholder’s Engagement

According to the principle of effective communication laid out in the Code of Conduct (the “Code”), “the Ferrari Group recognises the primary role of clear, effective communication in building internal and external relationships and reaching high company standards.” Creating a company climate of fast, open, two-way communication is a fundamental part of our continued success.

In keeping with this principle, as well as the Group's strategic aims, Ferrari believes that building and honing effective communication and collaboration with its internal and external stakeholders is essential to generating and sharing value, with a view to conciliating interests and expectations.

Specifically, Ferrari seeks to show fairness and integrity in its dealings with others, encouraging positive relationships based on mutual trust with everyone who affects or is affected by its work. Ferrari's approach to engaging stakeholders therefore aims for honest, clear, effective communication and consultation, based on constant dialogue.

Ferrari believes strongly that a multi-stakeholder approach, backed by a strong commitment, is a key element of sustainable, lasting growth, based as far as possible on a fair balance of the interests and expectations of everyone who interacts with the company.

With this in mind, in order to strengthen its commitment, Ferrari has adopted the Stakeholder’s Engagement Practice, which is inspired by the values and principles in the Code seeks to give guide lines on the right methods and forms of interaction with different stakeholders.