As underlined in Ferrari Code of Conduct (the “Code”), Ferrari is committed to the highest standards of integrity, honesty and fairness in all internal and external affairs and does not tolerate any kind of bribery.

In order to guarantee compliance with all applicable Anti-Corruption Laws, Ferrari has adopted an Anticorruption Compliance Program (the “Program”) that consists in an articulated system of rules and controls aimed at preventing corruption-related crimes and that takes into consideration the requirements and guidance of ISO 37001:2016 related to “anti-bribery management system”.

The Anticorruption Compliance Practice (the “Practice”) - inspired by the values and principles described in the Code - is the Program’s milestone and outlines the general rules of conduct that have to be followed not only by Ferrari directors, officers and employees, but also by all those who work, in Italy and abroad, for or on behalf of Ferrari. The rules outlined in the Practice are further deepened in each internal procedure providing anticorruption standards and controls for specific activities at risk.

Ferrari Top Management is fully committed on this matter and plays a strategic role in the full implementation of the Program, ensuring the involvement of all employees and the consistency of their behaviours with the values contained in it (so called “Tone from the Top” / “Tone at the Top”).