Ferrari designs a new organizational structure to seize opportunities ahead

Publication date: 
10 Jan 2022

Maranello (Italy), 10 January 2022 – Ferrari N.V. (NYSE/MTA: RACE) (“Ferrari” or “The Company”) presents a new organizational structure, consistent with its strategic objectives to nurture the exclusivity of the Brand, enrich product excellence, stay true to its racing DNA and focus on the achievement of carbon neutrality by 2030.

The new organizational structure will further foster innovation, optimise processes and increase collaboration both internally and with partners, broadening the leadership team through both the promotion of internal talent and a number of key strategic external hires.

“We want to push the boundaries further in all areas by harnessing technology in a unique Ferrari way” – stated Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna – “Our new organization will enhance our agility, essential to seizing the opportunities ahead of us in this fast evolving environment.”

More specifically, the following functions will now report directly into the CEO:

  • Product Development and Research & Development, optimizing the decision making processes within these functions that are crucial to the creation of Ferrari cars and the unique and exclusive experience associated with them. Gianmaria Fulgenzi is appointed Chief Product Development Officer – he has worked for Ferrari since 2002 holding various senior roles in product development, manufacturing and more recently Gestione Sportiva, where he was Head of Supply Chain. Ernesto Lasalandra is appointed Chief Research & Development Officer – he joins Ferrari from STMicroelectronics, where he was Group VP R&D General Manager, building on over 20 years of experience within the hi-tech innovation world. Philippe Krief, already working in Ferrari, will be his Deputy building on over 35 years of experience in the automotive sector.
  • Digital & Data, accelerating the digital transformation process throughout the Company, ensuring more data driven and digitally focused processes. Silvia Gabrielli who has worked for Ferrari since 2019 and previously in Microsoft and other global players in the digital domain, is appointed Chief Digital & Data Officer.
  • Technologies & Infrastructures, strengthening the collaboration and alignment between development and manufacturing of our cars, and ensuring the utmost collaboration throughout the entire process. Davide Abate, previously Head of Technologies and who has worked for Ferrari since 2012, is appointed Chief Technologies & Infrastructures Officer.
  • Purchasing & Quality, enhancing strategic partnerships to continue to raise the bar in terms of excellence. Angelo Pesci is appointed Chief Purchasing & Quality Officer – he joins Ferrari bringing over 20 years of experience in Financial Planning, Supply Chain and Product Planning, Services and Operations in STMicroelectronics.
    • Manufacturing continues to report into the CEO. Andrea Antichi is appointed Chief Manufacturing Officer - he was previously Head of Vehicle and has worked for Ferrari since 2006.
    • Internal Audit and Compliance, further enhancing cross functionality of these two areas. Marco Lovati continues to be Chief Internal Audit Officer and also to report into the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of Ferrari N.V. Sabina Fasciolo continues to be Chief Compliance Officer.

The following functions continue to report into the CEO:

  • Brand Diversification, Benedetto Vigna ad interim
  • Content & Communication, Charlie Turner
  • Design, Flavio Manzoni
  • Finance & Financial Services, Antonio Picca Piccon
  • Gestione Sportiva, Mattia Binotto
  • Human Resources, Michele Antoniazzi
  • Legal, Carlo Daneo
  • Marketing & Commercial, Enrico Galliera.