Individual & team


Our individual people are our strongest asset and can reach excellency only when working together as a team, with strong communication, sharing and improving together for best results.
We all have a strong sense of belonging, love the challenge and seek continuous improvement together, daily, for the success of our organization.

& Integrity

We live our company with enthusiasm, with a strong sense of pride and with emotion: Ferrari is lived with the heart. Everyday challenges remind us that we are part of a unique and extraordinary reality. Aware of belonging to a unique organization, globally known and appreciated, we are committed to ensure the utmost professional, respectful and exemplary behavior. We engage to guarantee a sustainable future.

& Innovation

Representing a reality where tradition and innovation are constant drivers for renewal of the Ferrari legend.
Our company history, our region and our multicultural environment drives our ability to search solutions with leading edge technology and our ability to combine tradition of craftsmanship with a “human dimension”.
Our tradition is INNOVATION.

& Excellence

For us passion means working “with your heart” as well as with your head. Working smartly with a passion that pays full attention to detail, working with enthusiasm to reach our ambitious objectives, and working to guarantee utmost client satisfaction.

Striving for excellence means following the world with attention and with an open mind to enrich our competences.