Amatrice’s new Multi-school Campus named in honour of Sergio Marchionne

Publication date: 
06 Nov 2019

Chairman John Elkann announces an educational project with Multi-school Campus

Amatrice’s new Istituto Onnicomprensivo Multi-school Campus, which was built in the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated Central Italy in 2016, was officially named in honour of the late Sergio Marchionne today. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the various authorities and institutions that have worked on rebuilding the town.

Also taking part in the ceremony was Ferrari Chairman John Elkann, in a clear demonstration of the solidarity shown by the Marque. In fact, its work and close collaboration with many different entities from the locality was fundamental to the completion of the project.

The event took place inside a now-completed building being used on a daily basis by the students to whom the day was dedicated. Aside from participating in the unveiling of a commemorative plaque in the school garden, the students also put questions to John Elkann and the authorities about education and their own future.

During his address, Mr Elkann announced that Ferrari will be continuing its relationship with the Istituto Sergio Marchionne. In fact, it will be offering top students an educational experience in Maranello with the most talented being given opportunity to get to know the company at first-hand. A connection sealed with the gift of an engine which, as all Ferraristi are well aware, is one of the most significant symbols of company and the heart of every single Prancing Horse car.

“It is important not just to leave behind a project but also to continue to flank the young people of Amatrice,” declared John Elkann. “Their desire for commitment and opportunities must find a response in an environment that listens to their needs and that knows how to tap into their potential. This is why I wanted to come back to this school with a message about their future”.

“Ferrari,” added Mr Elkann, “is proud to hold the hand of these students and to honour Sergio Marchionne’s memory in doing so”.

The idea of naming the Multi-school Campus after Mr Marchionne was suggested by the Principal and teachers to celebrate the memory of a man pivotal to the construction of the building. It was Mr Marchionne, in fact, who, in August 2016, announced Ferrari’s decision to help the communities affected by the earthquake by auctioning the 500th LaFerrari. In agreement with the local community, the 6.5 million euro raised by the auction was poured into the multi-school campus in Amatrice. A record figure completely unprecedented for a 21st century car and, even more importantly, a record gesture of solidarity.