“Factories are made of machines, walls and people.

I believe Ferrari is made most of all by its people.”

Enzo Ferrari

   Behind our every success are men and women.
The 4,556 people that are our most valuable resource.





Hours of training / year

Over 63,300

We base our leadership on the passion, determination, commitment, talent, skill and team spirit of our managers, mechanics, designers, engineers and drivers.

Our people: who they are

The team: by type

The team: by type

The team: by age

The team: by age

A team that’s growing all the time

We invest in people on an ongoing basis, guaranteeing employment and opportunities for their future growth.

An exceptional mix of cultures


Workforce development 2016-2020


At Ferrari, we reward excellence.

Because it is only with people of excellence that we can tackle the challenges
of the world’s markets and tracks, and win.

Growth and training

Growth and training

Rewarding those who deserve it, who show ability and determination, means placing value on people and their expectations. This is why we create career growth path tailored to suit both each individual’s characteristics and the company’s own goals and back them up with substantial investment in training.
Over 63,300 hours of training have been delivered right across the company workforce over the last year.

The Skills School

Founded in 2009, the School is open to both office staff and operatives who can train as the technicians and specialists of the future with the help of our in-house tutors and instructors.   
The Skills School is an authentic in-house training facility which allows senior employees pass on their skills to the new generation. This helps Ferrari to preserve its highly specific skill set and store of knowledge. 

La scuola dei mestieri