Ferrari DNA


Being Ferrari means being part of a unique future-focused team in which people are the most valuable resource.
Together we compete on the track and markets all over the world.  
Together we’ve crafted the Vision, Mission and Values that are the very essence of feeling part of Ferrari and which guide us as we tackle our day-to-day challenges.



Ferrari, Italian Excellence that makes the world dream



We build cars, symbols of Italian excellence the world over, and we do so to win on both road and track. Unique creations that fuel the Prancing Horse legend and generate a “World of Dreams and Emotions”.

Our values


Individual and team

Our talented individuals are our greatest resource. However they can only pursue the extraordinary by working together as a team. By fostering integrity, excellence and generosity, we give each of our people the possibility to express their own full potential - and be part of something greater.


Tradition and Innovation

Tradition always stems from innovation. The ongoing quest for lasting firsts is what fuels the Ferrari legend. Our ability to combine revolutionary technological solutions with exceptional artisanal craftsmanship is what enables us to create icons that stay timeless in a fast changing world.


Passion and achievement

Ferrari’s racing spirit lives on in emotions that transcend the road and the track, ultimately becoming an authentic attitude towards life. Nothing excites us more than setting ambitious targets and expectations and then exceeding them, to push every boundary. It is how the power of passion becomes the beauty of achievement.