An icon of style,
luxury, speed

The Ferrari logo with its iconic Prancing Horse symbolizes Italian luxury, exclusivity, performance, design and quality the world over.


A legend built on decades of sporting successes and the inimitable style of our cars,  a source of inspiration for millions of enthusiasts.  

We support the Ferrari legend and brand by organising a plethora of initiatives for our clients and fans, both in Maranello and across the world. We also do in other ways, such as signing licencing agreements with select partners to develop the lines of products sold in the Ferrari Stores and to allow the creation of Ferrari museums and theme parks.


Ferrari is one of the world’s best-known luxury brands.  

We strive to develop and protect that brand through licences which are granted to a select number of manufacturers and distributors in the sport, luxury and lifestyle sectors. We sell merchandising products through our direct network of Stores,  franchising  and our website.  

We also have multiyear licencing agreements with partners in the theme park area.  

The table below illustrates our current licencing mix:





After the official opening of the first Ferrari Store in Maranello in 2002, which is flanked by another shopping area inside the Ferrari Museum, our retail network has developed with a series of openings both in Italy and abroad. By the start of 2015, we had approximately 30 retail outlets worldwide, including in Saint Petersburg and Sochi (Europe), Dubai and Abu Dhabi (UAE), Singapore and Macao (ASIA), New York and Miami (USA).

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The ferrari museums

Ferrari has had two museums since January 1 2014. The original Ferrari Museum in Maranello, which showcases the future-focused Ferrari of today as a company with deep roots in history, is also now flanked

by another museum in Enzo Ferrari’s native city of Modena. The MEF or Museo Enzo Ferrari is built around the house in which the marque’s founder was born in 1898.



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Ferrari world abu dhabi

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the first Ferrari theme park as well as the largest venue of its kind in the world. It offers visitors an intense multisensory experience. Dedicated to enthusiasts, fans and families, it is absolutely unique and is an homage to Ferrari passion, excellence, performance and technological innovation. 

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Ferrari land portaventura

After the creation of Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari also licenced its name to a new theme park due to be built on the Spanish coast south of Barcelona. Ferrari Land is the first facility of its kind in Europe and will be located at PortAventura on the promontory south of Tarragona. The park will cover 75,000 square metres in total. 



Motor shows, driving courses, Racing Days, non-competitive races, rallies. Myriad events dedicated to clients and Ferraristi the world over. .

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